About us

Wai'anae Coast Community Foundation

As noted in Article VI, paragraph (a) to act and operate exclusively as a nonprofit corporation pursuant to Chapter 414D of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), entitled Hawaii Nonprofit Corporations Act, and to act and operate in enhancing to bring economic development, social and cultural awareness to our communities. Targeting health awareness, team sports, college preparation, and family development are the pivotal values the Wai'anae Coast Community Foundation (WCCF) are committed to.  We are consistently assisting to improve the quality of life for all who reside in our communities, which today are plagued by numerous social and economic challenges.  By actively supporting two major high schools on the Wai'anae Coast we hope to prevent such challenges from burdening our youth as they embark on their transition to young adult life.  The WCCF is focused on seeking to support and/or assist other organizations in the provision of providing seniors, children and families facing adverse challenges with opportunities to enjoy and participate in culturally based and community oriented recreational and social activities.  We believe together we can make a difference and restore hope for our families and aide in their challenges.  By securing hope our communities will continue to grow and strengthen, expanding the horizons for generations to come.  Standing on the principle of maintaining public safety, health, and harmony within our communities.